October 7, 2009

On the Way to San Francisco: Interim Update

O'HARE INTERNATIONAL: One of the women next to me was very afraid of flying. She clutched the seat in front of her a number of times, which was oddly nice for me, because she generally overflowed her seat and when reaching forward like that overflowed it less.

I'm glad she didn't get sick.

The i.e. reader looks good and the proof changes should be minor. But do note that pre-orders help pay for galley changes as well as the payments on the Narrow House corporate jet and corporate Miami-based cigarette boat.

Bananas are perfect.

I get a runny nose when I fly. The first thing I do after landing is go to the bathroom and blow my nose. Then I get incredibly dizzy for a bit.

I have my best run at an outline /sequencing for the heroine story. I, of course, put it together during the descent into O'Hare.