November 15, 2009

Things Done, Things to Do

You should go see A Serious Man, the new Coen Brothers film. I was up in the air and haven't-seen-her-in-forever Tina said it was good, so I skipped staring at goats and went to this -- conveniently right around the corner from my place. What a great follow up to No Country. Am I the only one who thinks that? Same feel, only in a midwestern suburbs and very Jewish way. I'm sure a lot of the cultural nuances were lost on me, but damn was it good.

I went home and drank a beer in the backyard, standing on a chair and looking around the neighborhood over the fence. It's a momentary-perspective-shifter kind of movie... like The Wrestler without all the ugh, or Pecker. But maybe those are two more cases of "I'm the only one that feels that way."

Last night (Saturday), J and I checked out Times New Viking at the Talking Head. Also good stuff. You should check them out, too. Unless you don't like things that are fast, loud, and fuzzy. If you don't like those things, then you probably don't like me. Thanks for the much needed company J.


Justin Sirois said...

No problem -- that show was great.
I realized yesterday that I was in that Arbouretum video with that girl at the bar (Hannah). My memory is shit... or she looked way different. Yeah.

Made little tiny i.e. Reader flyers that I'll drop off at their dinner/poem event at the Zodiak on Thursday.