April 3, 2010

We'll Make It Talking

call it delight if you call it anything. Set a dog on your freedoms
when I bring up things like this, it's not for my health
she is next to cleanliness, at least more than I can say
another day, another chance to fall on the stairs
they call it boating for a reason
but you can't treat him like a piece of common trash. You have to respect
an apple a day, a sun, a moon, a sister, and a brother
keeps falling every which way, and before you know it, you are found with
barely a screatch or excuse. A day like Thursday only comes once a week
let your anger ring in your inner ear and the marketplace
First Noby Noby Boy vs. Writing experiment... Written on my phone, in the app, in one sitting last night. Photo's taken with the self-same app this morning right after breakfast.

I don't think it is all that successful, but starts sketching out possibilities and opens a hundred flowers in my head. (And was fun.)