July 4, 2010

Good Morning, PA

There's a town here

I know it

The things you've said have gone unresponded and I'm sorry for that, agreeing with so many

It gets brighter and brighter despite any attempts to hold the sun at arm's length

Would boil and bubble without witches, just pure nuclear power

Followed closely by pure strangeness, seemingly unanswerable questions, and then finally codified ambiguity

That would be all we have left if finally stayed final

Percentages and horse trading and percentages of horses traded, so you don't think I've lost my manners

Sorry, I mean to write back

Location:Crescent Dr,New Cumberland,United States


Justin Sirois said...

I love that you provided the location.

Jamie Perez said...

Go mobile computing... Now if I could just get better layout out of the app (weird spaces between things, weird photo placement)... but getting there.

otilia said...

your blog is great,good luck:)