July 29, 2010

Hyper-blank, Hypo-blank

Are you born with a sense that you'll be there?

Evidence is known by its mountains.

Life by its muscular contraction and electric signals, enjoyment of sunlight, appetite and appetites and joy. Healing, hurting, sleeping, and waking up.

How many things did you miss today?

And missing the missing.

And keys put on the same counter day after day with my wallet.

And I can't seem to find a new wallet that works for me.

I'm not done.

I don't live under the stairs. I don't change with the moon. I don't even drink blood.

I don't come from some dying planet in some remote corner of the galaxy.

I'm not the last of my people.

I'm nobody's worst nightmare.

I can be proud of you.

I'll pull this shit off.

Got it?

But don't talk like that.

Location:Michigan Ave NW,Washington,United States


maggiemae said...

I keeping reading this over and over. Love it.

Ravi said...

this is really great.

JON LEE said...

Mucho yum yum.