July 24, 2010


Would a salve for the weight on your shoulders just leave you with a wetter weight?

This is against that and that, too.

Some treatments call for repeated application. Some problems ask for continuous pressure.

Some states are contiguous.

Some continents are lazier (than others), like rivers and dogs familiar with foxes.

And some foxes fly, and they are bats, too.

Spiders are good for houses.

Landscape paintings are good for houses, less so for landscapes.

And landscape printing is your best bet for spreadsheets and sitemaps.

Are you following? I'm the one in the pool. Look at me.


Written on my phone, so excuse the odd formatting [now fixed] -- the space before the photo I mean. This BlogWriter app is good for a lot of things, but that space is annoying thing #1... and it doesn't let you post links either.

Have a favorite iPhone-to-Blogger authoring app? Do tell!

Will fix from a desktop later in life.

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