April 28, 2011

I'm Buying the Purity Ring Record as Soon as I Can Clear My Head a Bit

On the way home I overheard someone say, "There's an empty space in my heart where the weak stay weak." By someone I mean Thom Yorke, and by overheard I mean I was listening to Radiohead.

And by overheard somone say, I mean that's what I heard and who knows if that's what was said.

String together stances.

If this was Twitter I'd say #writesomethingeveryday and then expect it to fall apart in one to three days.

I have this line to write about trying to leave my doubts on the jetway
And about hurling faster and faster
Or maybe faster and further and faster

And I think it's a song
I mean it's kinda about things I've seen and been through or thought,
It's also kinda about sounding good and maybe it does something for you
But it's not my life or something.

Over here in my life I've been wondering about court transcribers and what do they do when they hit a real doozey of a homophone. I mean it's the official record. They need to get to the bottom of that kind of thing right?

I mean, has someone's defense in a perjury case ever rested on whether they'd actually said "bare" or "bear" in previous testimony?

And I guess the same goes for homonyms every once in a while. Who is in charge of this stuff?

In some splintered universe I've just set to plotting and then writing one of the worst court thrillers of all time.

But in that universe do more Americans have affordable health care?
Have more Presidents felt the need to share their birth certificates? And in that splintered universe does it make anyone else think about Coriolanus not wanting to show his scars.
I don't even remember if he eventually did.

This shit's for real, people.
Google it. All of it.

And then you'll have everything and you'll feel the Earth's rotation slow beneath your feet (or your bottom if you are sitting) and the days will stretch longer and you'll have the time to listen to that Purity Ring record and you'll do a load of laundry and you'll have a really great cat that makes you happy in the way a great cat can and you'll wonder what you're going to make for dinner tonight. Pasta? It's getting pretty warm, maybe grill some chicken?

Hell when has a BLT ever steered you wrong?


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