May 7, 2011

We Do More Work by 9am

Weirton, WV is getting older and I wonder if the New York Times is the last to call that state W. Va.

Samar Hassan and iconic war photography and dark days looking back, looking forward.

Google innards and retail opportunities and fair play questions. When you get struck by lightning it's not because you did something bad. Maybe you did something stupid. Or maybe you were just minding your own business.

Night after night of comic zombie onslaughts.

Day after day of little blue people harvesting regular-sized vegetables. Easter brought flowers and I love getting flowers.

Videogames in museums, arcades in basements, more videogames, and designers rush in where other designers once were.

Google all of this for more info.
And then funny faces in wedding photos,
And then do an image search for ugly fish,
And then check out my friends and search for all of them and all the wonderful things they are up to.

Adam Good asked the world how you would describe Neutral Milk Hotel's Aeroplanes Over the Sea (sorry I don't have italics at the ready right now) -- and that's the kind of morning it is.

I was going to say, "emotional," and thought that wasn't helpful or wasn't hitting enough nails on enough heads.

So I didn't say anything.

When I say say, I mean type and I mean there.
When I say the world, I mean everyone that Adam tried to friend that friended him back and all the folks that invited him first, too. And that can be enough.

Abe Lincoln said you can please all of the people some of the time.

Bill Clinton said you can please some of the people some of the time.

Jimmy Carter said there is a big world out there go find it.

Barrack Obama said we can all put bad habits behind us.

Harry S. Truman didn't say anything, because he is a dog and everyone knows dogs can't talk.
I wanted to name him President Jimmy Carter, but was vetoed.

Life is funny that way, because we just call him Truman these days and the older he gets the more he looks like Truman Capote.

The older Capote, not the younger Capote who was pretty dashing in pictures I've seen online.

Our Truman is funny looking and funny and I'm guessing he's pretty happy about life.
He's got that going for him.

Do you see this day that's shaping up, Truman?
There will be food and water and sunshine and if we're lucky there will be a giant pink poodle and a beaded elephant.
Caterpillars and giant fake caterpillars and things shaped like flying saucers.
Things that float on water.
Things that roll on streets.
Baltimore is going to treat us today, Truman.
The world is going to treat us.

The real world.

Location:Takoma Park, MD, United States