August 30, 2011

Green Line Now

By the time I write this, I'll be far from here.

I've been trying to get into the mind of a glider, a bird of prey, the Pacific Ocean, salt, and the Sun.

Humans and giant reptiles cross paths in Hollywood.

Humans and giant humans cross paths in sports arenas in many major metropolitan areas.

Metropolitans dream of October and look forward to April.

I grew up outside Boston and outside DC. And then inside DC and all kinds of places.

People used to not get along very well, so they created the telegraph, telephones, guns, and Facebook.

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a digging tool when you apply yourself.

Seriously, does Tinker Bell ever just die? I think it was Joe who wondered this aloud at me.

This is your best work.
Everyday. Forever.

This is your best work.
Green line. August's end approaching.

This is your best work.
Granary floor. Sun-fat bees.


How are you?