August 30, 2011

Camden Line Now

I know what I'm looking for and I know when you aren't.

5 Great Meals in Under 30 Minutes is no way to live your life.

And I'm still caught up on fake plastic trees... What are they made of?
Most people guess rubber, but I'm guessing most things we call rubber are plastic, too.

How are you doing with all the violence lately?
How are you doing with all the acts of God?

Do militant atheists ask that their insurance policies be changed re references to acts of God?
Or do they just go to court on coverage in earthquakes and throw down on the differences between acts of tectonic plates and who is this God guy in my policy anyway?

Courts are funny enough.

I still wear my Baltimore juror badge on the inside of my red jacket. I'll show you if you ask.

It's more a sticker than badge.

If you had a citizen badge, would you wear it?

Have you seen Starship Troopers?

When was the last time you referenced Nazis in conversation?
I did recently, and I was serious.
I get a pass because I read the Diary of Anne Frank earlier this summer.
And yeah, I know that's not its real title (I just read it this summer, remember) but that's what everybody calls it, and its real title is in Dutch or something anyway.
I finished it on a Sunday morning and cried before anyone else in the house was up.
August was wild like that.

It's still August.

I wish I got a little sun-fat this summer, myself, but didn't make it to the pool as much as I was hoping.
The sunburn is still showing on my feet.
I should get that looked at some time.

Let Fall be for looming.
Let Fall be for doing.

Let Fall be for surveying and pointing and going and counting and going again and again and cooking and getting things in place to be getting things done.

Let Fall be for accounting and forgiving and getting better and better.

Let Fall be for asking forgiveness and learning and grace and gracefulness.

Let Fall be for new jackets and new shoes and favorite sweaters and love.

Let Fall be for trying and trying and always more trying.

September is my favorite month.
Look the fuck out.