August 1, 2011

And Then They Took the Train

I've told my daughter that all my favorite stories end with everyone dying and she thinks it's funny stuff.

She explains this to her friends.

I tell her that's how Hamlet ends, and MacBeth, and Othello.

She sings "toil, toil," but knows it from a song in a Harry Potter movie.

She's into Harry Potter this summer, and that makes me happy.

I'm looking forward to going to the pool more.
Who doesn't like all those in-and-around the pool scenes from the Graduate?
Can you imagine for a second what Robert Redford would've been like.

All wrong.

It's writing every day,
Like harvesting crops, but every day,
Like not smoking every day.

Butter, horses, cake every day.
A cat, dinner, coffee, sunshine every day.
Air, heat, pillows, mistakes every day.

I obviously wasn't kidding about the lists.
Conjuagation is one I should bring back.
Repetition does me well, too.


Boxes and boxes, ceiling fan, dots and stripes, progress, horrible television... really, really bad stuff. Sleep.

And then everybody dies.

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