November 10, 2011

That Happened

A flows into B and so on

A bunch of students at Penn State

A bunch of ex-students on Wall Street

A bunch of ex-cons on work release programs

Cons stacked up with seldom a pro in sight

Words and things are funny that's why

Rhetoric and right has been on my mind all year

More than that

It is natural for a person to have trust issues surrounding an alien lifeform

What do they eat?

I just now realized that Breaking Bad was a play on "breaking bread." I wish I had the time to get into that show.

I'm checking out Walking Dead which is so obviously Lost-yearning at moments with less talented writers. I hope it wasn't a mistake.

Sunk cost vs. Season Two

Return on investment vs. cocktail chatter-bound opportunities

The Ask vs. this Fall's fashion

I'm echoing Justin all over the place lately. Or maybe aping. And other tines I think on aping him aping me

Ape, chameleon, interloper, in-betweener, legion, legionnaire (sp?), father, inspiree, wide-eyed keeper, official wister, clutcher, boyfriend, friend, absentee something, checker, striver, try-er, complainer. I see hundreds of glasses half full, but I'm not always thirsty. (Self portrait at 37)

The reflex is a lonely number that pales against the wall.
Ay-yie yie yie yie yie-yie-yie
Try not to lose it
It's waiting in the dark

Enter moose and bears and the new band

Enter that new chapters are odd as paragraphs and words and things

There are things you won't unsee
There are things you won't unlearn
There are things you won't forgive

But those automated responses can be de-automated, dissembled, and re-automated from the ground up.

Liking coffee
Coming to like tequila again

Getting past nausea

It's in every ball joint

So lace 'em up and let's go punch them in the nose.

Har har!


Justin Sirois said...

Hearts, J. Big ones. There's a whole generation that never really got over Actual Air. I'm glad to be part of that generation as well. ;)