November 1, 2011

The Evil that Men and Women Who Are Character in Movies Do

That's my daughter and I and our costumes (admittedly mine is a little slight and hers is more than a little awesome) and a stick I found while we were out.

The stick made it much more of a costume. I mean, look at that shit! It doesn't even fit in the frame.

A different kind of four more years, and there's one of them.

And now Halloween is eight minutes behind me (and counting).

I'm going to listen to some Feist tomorrow I think. Oooooh! Evil!
(And I thought this first -- when it was still Halloween -- and wrote this first, though I think it was already not-Halloween.)

And watched Paranormal Activity 2 when it was still Halloween and maybe as much for the rave reviews of 3 reminding me how much I loved the first.

Well more like box office figures.

I haven't read any reviews.

And I opened and then closed a story about 3's deleted scenes being even scarier than what's in the movie.

It warned me of spoilers straight off.

It warned me off.

Who doesn't love American? The language and the dialects I mean.

Tomorrow to the shop again.

It's like every line should end in "Ooooh! Evil!"

I might go back and fix that.

Relativity. Light speed. Alternatives and fission. Sexual amoebas? Really? Really.

Countdown to the end of this and the beginning of next.

Moving my stuff out of the practice space felt like Sweatpants was really open.


Better not be.

I'll bite you in your face.

Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil'
Ha lemme-be! Ha lemme-be!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Tabouleh is good!
Tabouleh is great!
Run-it back!
Run-it back!
Run-it back!
Run-it back!

(This monkey goes to heaven.)