December 18, 2011

Keep It Set

Go and go and go and go.

Go and go and go.

Hello lovely facility and and and.


How far forward?

Subway stops, lunch, walking, purchases and happiness and gifts, more subway stops, dropping things off, more subways stops, dinner, movie, taxi, sleeping, showering.

I hear you both.

We're in the middle of it.

Someone invents slogans.

Someone decorates trees.

Someone else burns trees.

Still others burn trees to celebrate success at war, or birth, or co-opting the local take on victory for a birth a thousand miles, a thousand years, and many months away.

That's something else.


They caught up with the tree.

They dreamed the most boring dreams because they lived in the future.

But the fish never slept and were visited with waking dreams of glory and maple-flavored cotton candy.

Castles made of gorilla glass; gorillas made one piece at a time; peace on Earth and underwater prismatic rain forests.

You couldn't see your hand two feet in front of your face and then you can see for miles.

They were wonderful fish living in wonderful times.