December 31, 2011

That Feelings

(Thanks Bob Massey and Joe Gross for this picture -- and thanks to the universe that made it possible.)

I don't use my fingers for this anymore, really.

But it gets to be that hour and

In Florida a Marine was helping his girlfriend sell a necklace on Craigslist and ended up shot, plugging the wounds with his fingers to save his own life.

And there is a volcano making a new island in the Red Sea.

And celebrities are making all kinds of horrible fashion choices.

This is how the year is going out, people, and it is arbitrary.

2012 will not be the Year of the Arbitrary so help me God we have an election people.

The complete list of film sub-genres.
War on general purpose computing.
India's way
The Saturday Profile
Polarized Iraq
Neil himself saying things that involve Neil

Some things have existed for all time and other things haven't.

Let 2012 be the Year of Perspectives

Let 2012 be the Year of Perspective, too

Let 2012 be 366 days long and full of good sleep and good food

At least enough food, eaten at regular intervals

No binge-ing of any kind (how do you really spell that?)

I'm here, you're not
And then you're here and I'm not and that's the magic you see when you look real closely

There is a point when I'm here and you're here, but I think 2012 will be the Year of We Don't Care About These Little Things

There are still littler things that are important and there are very big things that are important and I'm sorry that this will be a year of no easy rules of thumb, no sunscreen, no chicken soup, none of the things from kindergarten or rainbows or short simple phrases

It's gonna be one of those years and I'm going to get some new boots for it.


Anonymous said...

i think 2011 was the year when everyone's shoe laces broke. so about those new boots. i'm looking for a pair that have zippers on the side. when i was young, they called them "beatle boots." after the musical group from england. yeah, that's the way to go.