August 2, 2012

The What, the Why, and the Broken

You are getting from this

Corkscrew, tension line, movies

Folded in half and again, back to coils, and right before the end of the beginning

The dark side of potential energy

Labs in gold mines and then labs again but the gold mining long gone

You can detect this

You can measure this

Vs. measure of

Vs. born this way

Vs. I didn't come here to do anything on purpose

If you build a tilt-a-whirl and it gets out of hand, then what?

When you understand something enough to correct it, what does that say about the corrector and what is the corrector saying about the correctee?

Stories about saving and thermodynamics

Stories about not sleeping

Stories about August

I wish all the months led double lives as adjectives or ages

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Susan said...

I do too: March. August.

I like visible, mechanically engineered inventions that never have to be thrown away: Can openers, Adjustable chairs, Type writers, fans, bicycles.

Why can't we fix the dark side of energy?

I like stories. I have conspiracy theories about labs

I like poems with tilt-whirl, but not roller coasters.