August 27, 2012

Way Up and Over the Middle

The flood of the most boring panorama ever told

Trauma minus trauma plus time and all kinds of spread out

Not a house every ten feet

What you wish was a cowboy has some weird northern European accent going on

It's a tangled path to the cowboy

It is a strange field and it is often online

Pain, preparation, boredom, elevation, cramping obviously, bandages

Viruses as living languages over-sharing all over the place / all over again

There is a call again and again

Where do you live

How fast are you moving now?

Herds of laser born by cats

Bring it

We'll bring it together

Come on

Location:S McDonnell Rd,Millbrae,United States


Susan said...

Yei! this is a passionate puzzle to me, though I can see it is hard to really meet the cowboy on the midways we have now. And there is a cat always to tell you you're spending your time wrong. And bringing it together is the goal. And so far its power has invited many rereadings.