March 17, 2013

no more

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I woke up wondering if the letter i was allowed in the prisoner's constraint (a style of lipogram where you don't use any letters that have ascenders or descenders). Sometimes I wake up like that.

Apparently it is, but t isn't. I guess you could be writing the i without the dot on top -- like people used to do on titles or covers or what have you.

I couldn't find any definitive word on punctuation, so I played it safe and went without commas. That's particularly tough for me.

This is the first response to the "best birthday gift ever" (in quotes, because the gift I got in the fourth grade from my parents will always be the actual best ever -- the brain is different at that age). And I want to say sorry it took so long to get started, but I realize that's a part of me missing the whole point of the gift.

The gift was a collection of writing assignments from many many friends... A year's worth, but I'll go through it at whatever pace -- especially with National Poetry Writing Month nearby.

The funny thing about my prisoner's constraint is that it's meant to be heard not read on the page. So maybe I mean it to be heard in your head. I'll songify it later mayhaps.

Oh. Good morning (or evening or afternoon).

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