September 24, 2013

We Live in a Time Where Most People Know First-Hand that Some Things Can Not Be Unseen

If I had more time I'd dig into the relationship between time and matter

I've got matter and energy on a lock, and I'm facile enough with space and time

So then there is energy which has wave properties (and maybe matter does, too) and that has to do with the movement of particle-like things through a space with a frequency (a function of time)

And it's already funny, because you're facile with the space and time things being the same thing so the wave is a function that divides one kind of space by another kind of space

Ha ha

But if I had more time or a better attention span or some kinda drive to care deeper there'd be some place where mass-energy locks in with space-time to make some wicked matrix or maybe even a real-world grid

With some dimensionality issues
I'm sure

But suddenly energy, matter, space, and time would all be tangled in a big conservation dance and before you know it matter would be time and we'd have new kinds of bombs and time travel

It would be cool and dangerous like so many cool things are

I'm sure people would learn languages faster but terms like "faster" would be complicated

What is tomorrow's gravity well?

I should've spent the last few hours with Banks, I'm guessing

But hey, my fantasy team pulled it out and Peyton put on a frickin' show

Ceci est le twenty-first century, actually

No shit

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