September 2, 2013

Always with the Spying

There are so many things worth telling you

There are those who won't seek your validation

There is pressure and equilibrium

There is the change constant even before there was one

Heat loss, also a constant

Gravity, not so

I remember learning the lowest point in Utah was higher than the average height of Maryland

We're talking about sea level

Water freezes from the top down and I've always held on to hydrogen bonding allowing for life as we know it

Then there is life in ways we don't know it and likely wouldn't recognize

More math, more Mondays, someone said something about letting the time spool past

Hold perfectly still and you'll shoot through time

Move too quickly and you'll never be the change you seek

A story hates spectrums and perfect balance points -- it wants black and white, it's always wanted black and white

Kodak would eventually fuck it all up

A salon here, I'm out of here there

Forest fires, seasonal blue moons, the miracle of baby feet and the series of moments that add up to a grown child

Put your arms around the darkness and breathe it in

And spiders will keep the insects in check

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States