September 22, 2013

Rid Them of the Wet Streets; Later Over Everything

Everywhere you look, fire everywhere

Well-managed barbecues, and pits, pilot lights, and smart ranges

Raging forest infernos leaping from branch to branch, brushfires, ill-planned pyrotechnic displays, overturned cars, runaway trucks, planes tumbled from the sky, rocket impacts, lightning strikes

Two crossed pieces of wood make an X and a smart little flame stands up

Cinders ride currents up into the sky -- you can see them better at night

Or they are just prettier then

Light is a big and wide thing

Summer tans start tilting away

The Mediterranean is still pretty sun-soaked, though, I bet

Carriage, coach, tender, and broke

Swaddle, dander, rooster, lanterns

Spend the day laboring to afford fuel

Spend the night burning the fuel to stay safe

The moon was full on Thursday and so it begins

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States