September 20, 2013

All Lights from Here

Camera, eagle, angels, angle.

Drywall and marked measurements.

Organic shapes vs. organic shapes of different colors.

Many, many, many local situations adding up to something different.

Is not in New Jersey.

Vestigial everything. Adolescent everything except where it's a map.

Taxation, representation, the usual.

But engine after engine after engine after engine.

War engine. Steam engine. Combustion engine. Blood engine. German engine. Aircraft engine. Hybrid gas-electric car has more than one engine? Electric engine.

The heat death of the universe is on more people's minds this week

Because that's how the Internet works

Reminding you distance was never the problem.

Scarcity was never the problem.

Hurricanes were rarely the problem.

Good night

Location:Washington Blvd,Baltimore,United States