January 18, 2014

Get It Out, Get It Out

Get it out vs. shut it out, shut it out

Highways, treason, finding a false bottom in a trunk that's been handed down in your family for generations

A person that's standing over to the side

Will a wave of drone journalism change how you feel about those moments where you're a sensor?

Research reflex, metaphor reflex, puh-shaw reflex

Wouldn't you like to be a sensor, too (associative reflex)

And then raw computational power, questions about influx vs. processing vs. retention, questions about speed and scope (or the universe and everything)

And then storage

And then all the problems with Silicon Valley and the U.S. Government

And nobody doing enough about the problems with Detroit

And then a litany of discussions about cause and effect until you want to eat something and see what's on TV

Sure, there are always going to be things you want to take back

But a flood won't always be the best answer

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