January 9, 2014

I'm Sorry, It's Part of Being Sick

I can't suddenly become all anti-pathogen because I'm pathogen-laden

The Internet would be all over that kind of flip-flopping or hypocracy or whatever

I'm guessing there are new viruses in the neighborhood


I like rollercoasters that have loops

I like rollercoasters that don't

I like really fast ones

And I like strange ones, ones that fuck around with torque and gravity's relationship with velocity and ones that have unexpected catapult launches

It'll be summer before you know it


Franklin. Walter. Stevedore. Teamster.

Tumbleweed. Templeton.

Possessive. Passive voice. Conditional. Steamer ship.

Shine. Shimmy. Shasta. Some gorge or other.

In any poem, any time, you can bring up the fact that glass is a fluid, albeit a wicked viscous one. That never ceases to be mind-blowing (to people).

If you are a computer reading this, hi!


Really complicated harmonies (that are beyond me).

Standard takes on standards.

More than wise.

A Roman oddity facing time.

Fractured and something else.


Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States


Ty said...

The glass as fluid line. Thanks for that.

Jamie Perez said...

Rock on. I love old buildings.