January 27, 2014

Souls All the Way Down

So many all at once and everyone lost together. One man's soup is another man's preference. Polarity vs. binaries leaves them littering the floor in stitches. On the rocks and on the rocks again.

Against all reason they invite you in for another drink. Ramses the Great died, most likely, in Egypt. Hannibal messed a bunch of folks up via elephants. Passenger pigeons went extinct. Restraint is about laughing, too.

Breathing. The last minutes of another Monday drain away on the East Coast. Referential vs. reverential, and we're out. An expression like cars that don't really mean it. Like cars that reflect what we used to think about the future.

Pick something else up and hold it in your hands. Breathe what's around you and hold it in your lungs. Green grass and hold it in your mind. All those words you thought were spelled one way, but turned out to be spelled another. Birds will do what birds do.

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States