April 3, 2014

And So Do You, Subtly

Some times you feel like looking up and sometimes you don't.

What are we going to call a gravity well once we let go of gravity?

Will it even be a thing anymore?

Meanwhile, slingshot is on solid footing -- don't worry.

And don't worry more generally.

Breathe with your lungs.

See with your eyes.

We have joints and tendons and ligaments for a reason.

And we have skin for a reason on the inside and out.

We harbor colonies, sustain swings in temperature, and otherwise invest a shit-ton of energy in homeostasis.

These are some of the things that make us awesome, and you'll do good by yourself to remember that from time to time.

Platforms on platforms on platforms.

Or toolkits of toolkits of even smaller toolkits and even smaller tools.

Turtles, journeys, measurements, contexts.

Saddle up.