April 12, 2014

HBO OnDemand Is Not Conducive to NaPoWriMo

Best illustrated by the fact this draft sat with the title "HBO OnDeman" for a couple days

Because I turned on some campy True Blood and fell asleep on the couch before the episode ended

And before I could get back to finishing the thought

It's easy to write trite things like its easy to blame

It's fun to use the slipperiest words you can find like like

Fun like inviting you in, I hope

Like the water is warm or the fire is warm and the carpet is soft


You can't NaPoWriMo wrong

You can't spend time being disappointed in yourself for falling behind

(I'm convincing myself here)

Remember it as a month in a year if training and stack the years on top of each other

I still have "We're talking about practice" in my head years after Iverson has retired and I'm sure it'll be there for years and years to come


Get it

Get on

Turned up


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