April 6, 2014

Later to the Letter

Ladder for the latter

Sounds in the yard

Talking this bird or that while the cats stalk the halls

And while the cats stalk each other.

Wood on wood will echo through a forest

Distinct cracks you remember way back

Climb here, climb there, and so on.

Or maybe it's running through backyards at night

Or maybe it's bikes, bikes, bikes

Or maybe it's dice and the places walls meet.

The sun is a constant even when it's presence is not.

The moon is a constant and all the cycles it seeds.

For me, there were airfields and then there wasn't.

For me, there were cornfields and then there wasn't.

For me, there were schools and cars and all sorts of people.

Sit on everything cast can mean all at once for a little bit.

Got it?

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States