August 6, 2014

Lost Camp Week Hit Parade

A ball wants a ring
Or a goal or a target

Effort wants a bar at reasonable height

Flow is a different concept in the Gulf vs. say the pool

The sun does what the sun always does and will always do

Calculus taught you about the way limits create new and useful truths because Plato was pretty much full of shit

Harvard is older than calculus

Most of what you know to be now is only a couple generations old

Seriously, we went to the moon like yesterday but also just a smidge more than my lifetime ago

What is ocean ore?

What is a square root really all about?

Balancing the horseradish, working on salt levels, the amount of time you'll spend outside today

Time here vs. time in pages vs. time sleeping

There have been all kinds of wars over the past 100 years

We've just started understanding the role gut bacteria plays

Invasive species go on invading, unlike the British who've taken a break from that rambunctious shit for the most part

People posture wise with phrases like too soon to tell and broken alliteration and rhyming

A metaphor is not the real thing

Volume is just volume and nothing else in both instances

Logarithms vs. algorithms

Wednesday vs. Thursday in a vacation week

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