August 9, 2014

When in New Orleans

I'd say When in New Orleans, you improvise, but that's pretty much what I do everywhere all the time

Is that pretty much like the atmosphere is pretty much nitrogen?

Or pretty much like we're pretty much water?

Or pretty much everything is space?

I don't know. This is where I'm at.

I think so well of people who compose

I think so well of people that research

The thing about improv is that it let's your everything be research, it let's the whole of all be your basic text, it let's all life forever be your theme and chorus

If I'm going to get spiritual about it or all manifesto-y

That's where I'm at

Cup of coffee, in from the hot sun but sunlight shining through, down South, feet up

We drove along the Gulf Coast from Pensacola to New Orleans yesterday -- it's so strange to keep the water on your left for hours and yet NOT be travelling north or south

Place matters

(I'm not afraid of stating the obvious, pretty much)

And it best matters in ways you can't predict or control

This another one of my guideposts

Diane, the food around here

Everything everything everything

This is digestion and breathing and thanks for always bearing with it

All the time, all of time, now, now, now forever

This but for then when what what why

Location:Chartres St,New Orleans,United States