December 14, 2014

Assemble So Many Strange and Beautiful Things

They make blurry prayers

All manner of birds with all manner of beaks

And little skinny legs and sometimes scary talons

Some things stop up the blood others make it run cold

But not really

Other things: smeared paint, light from a streetlight outside the window, different hairstyles and makeup and manicures, unexpected moments

Picture after picture after picture

All of things except when they are of moments

Is are was wish wish which will William

With which wish wish whenever when whatever wakes water

Those that this is is are will forever for frontyards forage foreword, I mean foremast

Massive sails that everyone mishears this time of year

Buffaloes roam, that's what they do

Cows are around

We'll make our way back to birds if you give it enough time

And sunlight

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States