May 9, 2015

Flow Meter, Assembly Acquired

All of the work that goes into making a single good brick

A sample of pond water teeming with flagellates and amoebas and such

At the same time, piles on top of piles as far as the eye can see

Hubble's anniversary and we're seen much much more now

I've been thinking of information as reality selling itself short in favor of structure

And that keeps switching states with what that guy said last night about Dylan and Truth except the words all being changed

Because thoughts on top of thoughts

Because ideas live someplace different with its different rules

And here I am in this place

On a couch

Waiting to get my haircut

I could try and show you what the flood looks like, but who has time for that?

Or that's what I've been doing all along

I mean recent years

There's a sidewalk on either side of the road

And everyone is moving

And there's a bit of a wind

Then so much else

Location:Crittenton Pl,Baltimore,United States