April 30, 2015

The Train Ahead of Mine Apparantly Hit a Guy and He Died

Listing like leaning to the side

All kinds of things in life will make you think about what it's for

Water vs. the drain in your bathtub

Snake eating its tail vs. its tail

Theory vs. reality and so on

You can only hear someone go on and on about context so many times before you have to catch up on email

And then maybe your niece pranks you and you end up texting a bit

I mean, that's what just happened

I mean, there is always so much everything pouring in

And while the cup is only so big, it really isn't

Like right now, you thought a cup and you just need to think it bigger

Like way bigger

And then there is all this stuff about beginnings and endings and endings and beginnings

The sun is streaming through the trees and through the window and on the other side of that rusting relay station is a stream

Maybe you find the same rock in two different locations 100 miles and four years apart and you don't even realize it

Somewhere there are two identical snowflakes where somewhere is someday, too

Look at that

Location:Bristol Pike,Tullytown,United States