May 12, 2011

I'm Allowed to Be Happy with Me

My friend, partner, and not-often-enough collaborator Justin Sirois is curating Everyday Genius for the month of May. He decided people should write responses to animated GIFs and post the work with the inspiring GIFs. That good idea is manifesting some serious shit-white-hot from writers you should know and will love.

Anyway... I was honored and fortunate to be invited to contribute. And here's the GIF Justin sent me to work with...

...and I HATED IT TO ALL HELL. I was pissed when I first saw it. But I sat with it. And sat with it. And reminded myself that Justin was pushing me. And hated him for pushing me like this. But I also knew that anger and that hate were all an important key. And then something happened... and here's that something, it's called "Hey There Tiger Retract" ...and I'm honestly proud of it and maybe a little scared of it (it's "horror poetry" I guess? so a little scared is natural).

Thanks, J. You knew I needed a push at a time when I was afraid I was too busy to grow. (Obviously I'm not too busy to be a little sappy.)

Now everyone, go check out Everyday Genius (everyday).


Justin Sirois said...

I forgot to tell you how much I love this piece, man. Yes, Biggie. Yes.