May 26, 2011

Life's Good Things (Excerpt)

Listening to Crystal Cat over a pizza dinner, my daughter (8) told me she needs to meet Dan Deacon so he can teach her how to do "the high voice thing" on a microphone.

The transcendental experience of a Google Image Search for "ugly fish."

The quiet talent that is Timothy Willis Sanders. If you live near Austin, you should grab a drink with him. If you run a press, you should publish him. If you are him, you should write more and more.

This summer's crop of baseball themed summer beers (see Victory Summer Love).


We can't unfold.

What the hell is wrong?

I've got my Ray Bans on.

I've got my spray tan on.

I was born James and stayed James all of a few hours.

I love the morning.

Science. When you are really doing it, you know you'll make something important enough to be proven wrong someday
Just like records will be broken or
Records will be replaced by CDs will be replaced by

Gravity's gotta get got, is what I'm saying.

The constants are getting got, right?

This will never happen again, but the Doll House lives on.

We've built our business model on the fact that every day, somewhere in the world, there is a culture turning modern for the first time.


Writing an old fashioned "blog is short for web log, don't you know it" post.