July 10, 2011

'Are there bands playing here tonight?'

Who can you trust?
Who do you trust?

When you waste, it's about how quickly you pick back up.

I want spelling to mean something.
I want spelling to be mindful.

XOXY destroyed all of his work.

The future of islands vs. Rhode Island vs. the rest of the world doesn't have a clue.

Your standard catastrophe.
Your standard Georgia.
Your standard vibrations.
Your standard boys and standard beaches and standard ways it will all go.

Confirmations of success have been know to be misleading.
Success has been known.

The good house vs. the wrong house
And it's all going wrong.

No sunburns this weekend but plenty of sweat and sweating.

Tantrums, evaporation, promises, broken promises or just plain let downs or fall shorts, falling plus fallen, weightlessness and weight. Talk of illustrations of entanglement rather than talk of entanglement which would be the talk of everything.

Everything. All at once. Forever.

Try is all you ask of you.

Future islands of big futures
Packed in a moment.

(Everything. All at Once. Forever.)

This move.
This sick move together.
This all time.
This audacity, my best audacity.

There were deer in the backyard, don't they?

This is what is magic is wordless is meets is wordy is now is just click is falling is don't forget it.


My morning got going slower than I wanted or needed -- and I jumped it out of not-so-good track by listening to this great piece / interview with Bob O'Brien. He's great people. I need to figure out how to break the ongoing scheduling conflict between his reading series (Worm) and my date-night with my daughter. Life is full of such things.

I just started writing as I listened to that piece -- you'll see all kinds of quotes and echoes above (if you listen) and echoes of my weekend (if you were part of it). And the title is a quote of a quote from Bob's interview and set up one of those moments in life that we've all had or hope to have.

And so the day picks up and goes.