July 29, 2011

Debt Ceiling, Debt Ceiling, Excellent!

I have this great photo to add to this -- it's my iPad kinda kerchunking (or "lee junking" some would say) when I was messing around on this gallery website with all the sizing and re-sizing and moving the view around. Is it there yet?

There are so many things wrong with that sentence and it got me thinking about the debt ceiling.

But that's not really true, 'cuz the title came first and I was already thinking about it.

Not seriously thinking about it.

Just on my mind the way something is after you've heard radio pieces about it daily for a couple weeks and Matt Sesow's Gang of Six painting, and somebody talking about how non-plussing the Gang is as far as gangs go.

And the Warriors come out to play.
And the softball players come out to play.
And soon the Senators will come out to play.

There will be working all weekend and record heat and moving and time at the swimming pool.
There will be good cold drinks and difficult compromises and entertainment, too.
There will be sleep and unboxing and most likely some nosebleeds.

What do you think of lists in American literature since 1970 or so. I mean it's fucking everywhere and we're tuned to it's gorgeous. Is it cheating? Cheap? Crutch? The cool kids version of throwing in something about grandma? The cornerstone of the American Poet Voice (definitely all capitals on that phrase)?

I don't know.

I like me a good list, and I guess I'm deciding to not be ashamed of that.

I've been using lists like a motherfucker since at least the fourth grade, but I certainly kicked it up a notch in 1994 or so.

I think it was a combination of Robinson Crusoe and "The Things They Carried." Probably some Carver in there, too.

You can never go wrong blaming him.

I wish "listing" was the word for "making lists" because, "I've been listing like a motherfucker since the fourth grade" sounds way better.

I bet we could make that happen.
We have iPads and we're moving.