July 19, 2011

Red Line to Takoma, Exhausted Again

You have your New York Avenues and your foregrounds,
Your transfer points to Greyhound,
Your priority seating, and slouching to a halt.

I have my too-heavy bag and my other bag too,
My mussed up hair,
My ambling ways,
And, of course, my B Machine in the drawer.

Sunlight's catching the corner of a cloud and it's kinda bad-ass.
The everyday bad-ass that's all around.

That cloud.
That graffiti with a popsicle-looking P.
Lights streaming by in a tunnel out the corner of my eye.
Anything seen through trees while in motion, though the sun, most of all.

The sun most of all.
The sun most of all.

Those trees?
They will prey on your flesh when you're gone.

Location:G Pl NW,Washington D.C.,United States