July 27, 2011

Red Line, Red Line, Excellent (2)

I'm not there anymore.

Drained. Striped sheets. Air conditioning.

Pauses on pauses on perspiration. On purpose.

No purple pants this time.
No hexagonal tiles or there and there this time.

What do you call it when tiles are brick red?
The what do you call a New York strip in New York cliché.
The dog ate my homework only it's a computer and I didn't save my shit right cliché.
The hit by lightning at such a young age cliché.
The getting old isn't exciting but it's golden like the sun off rooftops in late Fall and my oh my cliché.

I don't have much to work but there'll be some kind of pool party come Sunday, so help me God.

Hang in there.

Location:N Charles St,Baltimore,United States