October 18, 2011

And a Fine Hello to You

Attention, commuters!

A fine hello to you.

Would you like a cup of coffee?


"In this world of people there is only you and I."

New Brunswick, Edison, watch the gap while boarding the train, shoe shine, can you afford to pay privately, walking quickly, walking, black shoes, white shoes, sneakers, white sneakers, black flats, black workshoes, black shoes, white sneakers, brown shoes, black heels, black shoes.

You usually do afternoon coffee?

Wherever it's found.

There is a public address system. It is addressing the public, here at the Trenton train station, with sweet R&B sounds from another year.

R&B makes me think of Philly most times.

African accents make me think of America -- probably all those years in DC.

And then I sneeze and suddenly I have a bloody nose and I'm pretty sick of the bloody noses but who goes to a doctor for that kind of silly bullshit.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that everyone at the Trenton train station thinks the skinny white guy in the suit with the bloody nose has been doing too much coke.

That's the thing, this mobile technology stuff is amazing -- even when you totally waste it.