October 11, 2011

Why I Pay My Taxes

I was raised right (enough).

Incentivized public transportation.

Tackling big problems even if slowly.

The amazing things that can be done with concrete and steel and sweat when you want it bad enough.

Putting your shoulder into something.

Lift and converge is how my government would do it.

Investments in fractured cultures seems random at times and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sometimes you need to drop a big "my bad" on the world -- who do you expect to do that?

Lots of counting and measuring and right things in right places.

Miles and miles of 95 that I've travelled hundreds of times at every time of day, under any weather condition (I saw a tornado from 95 once and promptly accelerated to a quite illegal 100 mph), awake and nearly asleep but still driving, and fast asleep in the back seat.

Coffee. I'm pretty sure taxes make that possible.

The line of military and civil servant paychecks cashed by Perezes past and and extended family and surely Perezes to come. Marines, firefighters, cops, paramedics.

Ft McHenry and the National

The Washington Monuments in Baltimore and DC.

The Key Bridge.
The Brooklyn Bridge.
Golden Gate Park.



Get on with it.