October 9, 2011

That Happens

Funny how that happens.

Funny how today and tomorrow and here and gone.

Funny how he thinks it's one photon everywhere all the time.

And then there are the constants of this space we're in... With its ups and its downs.

Clinch, clutch, clutch hitter, babysit, kindergarten, the War, war, I am the warrior, because the night, try harder.

Like, You're good. Get better.

Like, Dewey wins!

Like a new shiny bike.

There is rust and then there is the Rust Belt.

There is industry and then there is the Bible Belt.

There is profit and then there is the black belt and the pirate and a priest all walking into a bar.

When we scaled the walls we were met with another wall.

When we scaled the mountain we were met with your God and he was a pretty agreeable chap.

You should've been there.
We all levelled up.
It was wicked cool.