October 30, 2011

A Repeated Paler Sense of You

[Fleet St to Easter Ave]
And a repeated paler sense of me,
But I'd rather stick with it if you don't mind.

I know; I know you don't.
I just thought it might sound nice.

Stilted seventies,
Stilted swingin' 60s before that,

And a whole lot more.

[Day later, miles away, Melvin Street]
Mental note, this would work better with pictures.

This is like Shakespeare saying fuck you to the continent and isn't that why he was made King?

What's the kindest thing you did this week?

Someone dyed there hair blond and before you know it they're crying?

Are you finished with that?

Shedding "everywhere."

You wake up with the tip of your tongue a little odd, and it's gonna be half of what you think about all day.

There's white, green, stripes, sun, less football, driving, eating, more driving, coffee, redirection.

There are stripes?