November 8, 2011

And We Do

Some of the greatest titles ever _______

Late nights and the clothes you choose

Always transit with time and space splitting the difference

Getting right with not having to be right

Getting right with not wanting to be right

When good's enemy comes to town, who sets the terms?

When better's peers head into court, who stands last?

There's a hill and a crown, where do you sit?

There's water, the future, payments, and decisions to be made.

There are all kinds of shoes and little conversations and victories.

There are hexagons. More than you can count.

There's evening. Fall. Trains. Waiting. More trains.

Confidant steps.
Confidant haircut.

Something hoped for.

Forward, everybody. Can't you taste it?


Justin Sirois said...

I can taste it! You're cookin'! ;)