May 26, 2013

Where Have You Been To, Where Did You Go

Pictures are not people

People are not trees

Irises, wild or domestic, are not arboreal

It's an amazing thing to see an iris pop up back and forth down a riverbank

The plant that makes the flowers, I mean


Think of the times that the picture was better than being there

Now think of the times that the picture just didn't grasp how amazing it was

Think of the times your head, the next morning or the next day, couldn't grasp how great it was

Or couldn't put it into words

Couldn't share it

With dreams, with times

Walks, music, moonrise, momentary connection, things that arrive at just the right moment, a scrap of paper on the pavement or something scrawled in chalk on a brick wall

Take the time to think about each of these and get your head around what they mean to you

What do they mean to the world

I mean everybody that's not you


There are numerous strategies for getting certain about uncertainty

One of my callings in life may involve all of that

Heisenberg's principle is an equation for god'sake

There are people getting their heads around that all the time

As long as higher education stands


I've been thinking about a P.K.Dick-ian time to come when we better understand the inner-workings of all these relay arrays in the human mind and we are able to create moments across the surface of your brain

I know those things mean very different things, but bear with me, I'm talking about that time to come when they no longer do

And at that time things like virtual reality have gone to the Nth and there is no difference between an experience and a manufactured experience

And, of course, this will involve all kinds of bodywork, not just brainwork, let's not be shallow

And I'm thinking about, Well, what then?

I'm thinking about whether it all comes down to economics and history at that point

Do people cease being people at that point -- or at least cease to "matter" -- and it all becomes flows of equations

That's when there are starships?

Cryo ceases to matter because living doesn't?

I don't know where all this goes

I don't know that it'll keep a toe-hold in my head and I'll get it somewhere as a story or a something

I don't know if this will give it a hold in some other head

It'll matter, or it won't


It's Sunday morning

I've seen so much wildlife the past 24 hours

The sun is out and rising higher

The wind has finally died down

So many birds all around