May 9, 2013

So Many Things Continue to Happen

There were far fewer Americans named Perez when I was young

But I guess there were far fewer Americans, too

And now a Perez is driving in a run against the O's in the 8th and how am I supposed to feel about that

Early May and behind late

Rain never came delay

Digital pedals vs. analog pedals

Fuzz is fuzz

And a brokedown amp is rarely the culprit

Or the king

Stories about the King

Carpets throughout Graceland

Paul Simon, too

A mess, I say

And soon, crab season

Sun, sweat, short pants, short nights

Sunburns feel best at night -- like on-board air conditioning

I remember Summers in Long Island

Jones Beach, softshell crabs fried and in white bread, Mel Brooks movies and me missing a lot of the jokes

I'm rambling

Let's go, Nick

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States