May 18, 2013

There Is in There

Oh fingerpuppet forlorned!

Oh who shouldst 'scape whipping ?

And all that


With the weather, and quotes from Cugini last night, and my second time through Joe Hall's "Devotional Poems," I am thinking

Do you think Revelations is spiritual?

I saw Mark Wallace read last night, too, and with our paired interest in horror (though his river runs deeper and faster than mine), I want to ask him that same question

And I'm asking me that, too

Is it like the number one NOT being a prime number

Because the definition just says so

And I'm wondering if super-maths have a real definition for that that takes curved number fields and deep theories on thingness vs. absence that would take years to get your head around so they just give you the "because the definition says so" to save you a whole lot of brainspace

As in all things, there is no conspiracy

And no deed goes unpunished

Trust falls off skyscrapers, also thanks to Cugini

It's all about the falls or the skyscrapers, because I know it isn't about both


There are these breathing exercises that people do


I, mean, Revelations is certainly a horror story, right? Mark?

I was about to say the Shining wasn't spiritual, but maybe it is

Under the Dome certainly isn't

Maybe 50% of Lovecraft?

When you achieve abject terror / abject horror, does that mean you've got a lock on spiritual?


Endocrinology is way more interesting to me, most days

The colors in a dogs coat

All kinds of flooding

Knowing the right time to dip into the reserves or outright drain them

Most times you'll stop for a red light

And the stars are always there, of course

And a lot of times the stars are out, whether you are looking or not

Find a well

Draw slowly

Until you are ready