May 3, 2013

On This Day in History

Would it make sense for there to be a well that never fills up?

Take a piece of paper and write mystery on one side

And humor on the other

This is like a personality test

If you put the words at the top and bottom you will have the exact number of children you meant to

Actually this is more like a palm reading

If you put 'mystery' on the left and 'humor' on the right you are far less interesting to me

If you put 'mystery' on the right, you should get a lawyer and devote some time to getting yourself OFF the no-fly list -- you've been wrongfully targeted

If you wrote 'mystery' on the front and 'humor' on the back then you have an 'e' in your first name

And if you don't, well, you really do and there is a lot of family drama you'll be learning about this year

If you live that long

And if on top of all that, you're all, like, who the hell are you to say which was the front

It's Freedom Rock, man

Well then turn it up, man!

Then you're really not going to like where this family drama takes you

I'm talking intrigue, and secret adoptions, and deformed left hands, and heaps of evil eyes from when the Old Country was the Old Country

And if you didn't write anything down

Then you breathe air that is mostly nitrogen and/or

You are just short on office supplies and didn't mean any disrespect

Thank you for your time

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