February 12, 2012

7 Things You Didn't Know About Me Cliché

Just past 8:30 and it's starting to pour in

Facts you don't know about heterosexuality

Jennifer Anniston getting sexier year after year

Someone dropping bombs on Kurds yet again

When someone tells a funny joke to someone they don't know and the teller is (way) more attractive than the average bear is the listener more likely to laugh or freeze up like a deer in headlights?

This is not one of the world's pressing problems -- and I'd agree, there are a shit-ton of variables to break down on the way to the answer

I'm looking forward to a cup of coffee

And I'm wishing there was a comfy reading chair by the front window to go with it

Then the Sunday paper could do battle with a friend's novel for reading time

Yeah, I know I said I was going to wait until I was on top of all this stress before I crack your novel

But that started sounding like, "it'll be a lovely companion after the Rapture," and that just ain't right

I ate better yesterday than the day before; today's goal is to eat well and breathe well

I didn't set any Resolutions this year, that isn't like me

George Clooney, you are a sexy, sexy man

To all the sexy men in my life, you are sexy, sexy men

To all the sexy women in my life, you are sexy, sexy women

Ain't life grand?

To all the people in my life, soak it up while you can

To all the dogs in my life, I know you can't help it and I'm trying to change my perspective

We took 10,000 years to make you what you are, who am I?

To all the cats in my life, keep tearing it up, beautiful

We'll nap together on a heap of our bleeding victories some day

With the sun spreading across our bellies

Just like you like it