February 29, 2012

You Just Can't Every Time

Several times in fact

Other times in passing

You can't be many for too long

There are lies and there are daydreams

There are buckets of blood and there are belly laughs

We know there was a rib, but that wasn't the beginning

We know the alphabet changes over time and place

That's what we have to record, even if we don't understand it

We may never see this luge run again

So perfectly modeled?

So thoughtfully planned?

So casually dressed

So gray and spongey

Clean and clean and save the day

Mythical soaps, manna, undress

These bobsled runs? Pristine

I could eat off your whole country

I am hungry and inches and Ingres

Not at you, at many, at daylight savings, at play

I apologize, there were lawyers and I couldn't place a straight answer

You're many getting many sleepy

Many this many world many is many many

You're tired.

I understand.

Let go.

Location:W Pratt St,Baltimore,United States